E D D Interior Decoration LLC


We have been associated with our clients on many prestigious projects where we created beautiful designs which where appealing due to its high aesthetic value and at the same time comfortable for practical use.

Office Interior Design

Offices are place where major part of the day is spent by people, hence designs must make people feel at home at the same keep them active enough for entire day.

Villa Interior Design

We design villas keeping in mind luxury and comfort for our clients. These designs are unique with all clients requirements accommodated in it.

Gastronomy Interior Design

Eateries and Restaurant designing are one of our specialties and we make sure to manage aspects of business in it. The design for restaurants are must include all features as sitting view, decor on the walls, furniture, lighting flooring and shape of the building. 

Miscellaneous Design

Following are some of the perspectives we designed for our valuable client and also design boards we submit to our client for their approvals.